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CBD Relieve 50ml Body Oil – 50mg

CBD Relieve 50ml Body Oil – 50mg

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This is a smaller sized version of our 100ml / 200mg CBD Body Oil which has been designed around an affordable price point. It is a great way to trial our body oil and is perfect for anyone travelling!

Our 50ml CBD Relieve Body Oil contains 50mg of CBD blended with a selection of naturally soothing ingredients including Essential Aromatherapy Oils, Jojoba Oil and MCT Oil designed to revitalise, reinvigorate and restore. It also has a wonderfully pleasant scent which we know you'll love!

The essential oils present are commonly used to aid with muscle relaxation, mainly providing relief for restless legs and aching muscles. Another common use for a body oil is for post workout / sports recovery, especially when massaged into the skin

Recommended Use:
Apply on the skin liberally as required
(It is advised to test a small amount on the skin before applying all over.)

For external use only